XERAPH has all the secrets that you have been looking for.

We provide high quality cheats for a variety of multiplayer games.
We know what gamers need, and we know that you always strive to be the best - so we would like to help you out!
Our cheats are reliable and easy to use. We strive to be transparent in everything that we do. Need to know more? Just ask us.

We are here to become your #1 choice. XERAPH is every Cheaters’ Holy Grail.

Who we are

XERAPH is put together by a highly experienced developer team who love everything about cheats and winning.
We have been within the cheating scene for years, uncovering secrets and sharing the juiciest ones with you!
When looking for cheats, do not waste time, look for developers who have a proven track record.
That is probably why you have chosen our site, we have ran multiple successful projects before.


Cutting edge cheats is what we have to offer. We know that they work,
and that is because we have a science behind them.


When playing, you may waste a battle due to hard and annoying mouse moves and missing bullets. At XERAPH this is all sorted out for you. This means that with our help, you will always find the excellent travel time and bullet drop calculations are at your fingertips, so that you will never miss a shot, even on higher ranges. With our cheats, you will find that you can put inaccuracies, smooth your aiming and explore different options that make your plays look legit, if you need them to. You will have different aim spots, and always the best recoil and spread control.

Player ESP

There is a special way that players look at games, and that is by taking in all the visuals. We use player ESP to get a visual representation of game specific data including breaking down the enemy position, distance and health and so much more. With our player ESP it is easier to spot nearby enemies with different Box drawings. This means that you can get the edge and quickly figure out how dangerous an enemy is by knowing if he is reloading and what weapon he wears. This makes sure that you will always be a step ahead.

World ESP

For those who want to look into things a little more deeply, we have the World ESP. With this, it is possible to have visual representation of game specific data such as the vehicles, loot boxes, airdrops, weapons, kevlar, attachments, traps, shrines, booster, healing, ammo and much more. With our World ESP, it is possible to unearth the smart settings, hide lower tier weapons and those that are incompatible. In fact, we are able to only show the compatible attachments to never overcrowd your screen.

Radar ESP

There is another little secret that we have, and that is the Radar ESP. This helps you find things that are difficult to discover. If there is any loot within the house, then it will change its style to make it easy to spot the correct floor. You will also be able to see your enemies and allies position.

Game Specific

Game Specific

At XERAPH, the Cheater’s Holy Grail, you will find that all the cheats are adapted to the actual game, including it’s playstyle and the player’s playstyle. The objects that are game specific shall be added to the different ESPs. The cheats that we develop are game specific, so that you have the very best and most useful tips. These include playstyles or situations are recognized, like knocked out enemies, breakable objects and shooting cars.



Your secrets and all your information is safe with us. We have rock solid account protection because safety is our top priority. We do things better than others who promise cheats. This is because we have “nifty protection systems” in place, bringing down the overall risk of you losing an account.



You can enjoy everything on this site with ease, due to its overall easiness. This is because there really is only one file that any user will have to download. There are lots of people who try to offer what we have to offer, though with them you will need to reboot your computer to enjoy all the benefits. With us, no reboot is necessary. With others, people are required to play around in the bios, while with us, no BIOS playground is required. In fact, we only offer a one click download and you are ready to go.



Make our cheats give you what you need as everything is customizable and configurable. Depending on what you need to reveal, the style of ESP can be changed, and you can even change the colors, hotkeys and more. The levels of customization are so many and the best control you can have is using the smart system that automatically hides lower level weapons and incompatible ammo to never overcrowd your screen.

Client Panel

As a client on this site, there is a lot that you can look forward to. Discover the status of all cheats,
easy to use instore and get all your information in one place. Gamers love going through our site due to its nice design,
as well as it being lightweight.

Cheat Management Cheat Management

Cheats is what we are all about, and you can expect that you are able to manage all cheats through a dedicated web panel. On this panel, there are several functions to manage your cheats. All the injection progress, status information, profile editing and configurations are made through it.


The entire store is simple and clean, and incredibly easy to use. You can purchase new products without any issue, and also track all purchases as necessary.


With XERAPH, you do not need to walk alone. Once you have added your friends in our system, it is possible to share nicknames for your game accounts with them, so that you can see what cheats they are using too. The best deal is, you are able to see whether they are currently online or offline, what games they are playing, the cheats they have purchased and all the information you need to have for matchmaking. This makes it easier for you to decide who you want to match make with. This keeps cheaters connected.